Sports Team Sweaters

A Website About Ugly Christmas Sweaters is a simple website – it’s a list of the best rated ugly Christmas sweaters available online for every sports team in the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, and NCAA.  That’s really it.

If you did a search for an ugly Christmas sweater for your favorite sports team, you would find a TON of different styled sweaters available across several different websites.  Some are good, a lot are bad (cheap material or sloppy designs), but the real problem is choosing one of the good ones.  This happens more and more now a days, where there are just so many options it’s hard to choose.  I know this because I was looking for an ugly Christmas sweater for the Cleveland Browns (I’m a die hard fan, born & raised!).

So just like you I went to Google and searched for a Browns ugly Christmas sweater.  I looked at a few, picked one and ordered it.  When it arrived, it was like it was made of a brillo pad! lol  It was so rough and itchy, and the helmet (that’s the Browns logo) was way too pixelated.  In short, I was super bummed.  I packed it back up and sent it back.

I still wanted a Browns ugly sweater so I went back to Google, only this time I looked a lots of different sweaters and read ALL the reviews.  If I had done that the first time, I wouldn’t have bought the first sweater because when I went back to look, there were a few reviews about how rough the sweater was!

I ended up spending  a decent amount of time reading reviews before choosing a sweater (which was awesome and I wear it all winter).  Being that I have a background in web design, I started thinking that if there was a website that already did the research and listed the best ugly sweater on it, it would have saved me a ton of time and prevented me from having to go through the process of buying and returning the first sweater.

So, I started this website!

As I said, I have a background in web design so it wasn’t hard for me to build this site.  Again, this website is simple.  It’s nothing fancy at all, just a list, or, collection, of the best rated ugly Christmas sweater for every sports team.  I researched several options for each team and found the one with the highest and best reviews and listed it on this site (most available on Amazon, some on other sites but I’ve included links).  This way you know the one that’s recommenced on this site is a winner!

*NoteThis is still a work in progress and I’m adding new pages / teams each day.  So if your team isn’t listed, it will be soon.

All you have to do is select your team from the menu above and you see the sweater and were to buy it.